Analog Obsession – Amper



size 2.5 MB  / 2.6 MB  / 2.9 MB  / 2.7 MB / 2.9 MB

Amper is a mid/high gain guitar amp for metal.
But, Amper is little different than other metal amps. There are 2 different drive section. Sections are not parallel. Connected series. Volume 1 controlling pre-gain tube distortion before main pre-amp which is controlling by Volume 2.
Think like you have distortion pedal before your amp. But this drive modeled from tube amp distortion. Mid gain range to boost main pre-amp. Tone control section based Sol**** amps.
Also, there is pre-tone shaper before preamp. Carefully designed for metal guitar to keep amp from annoying frequencies.

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

AMPER_1.0_VST_WIN  ( 2.5 MB )

AMPER_1.0_VST3_WIN ( 2.6 MB )

AMPER_1.0_VST_MAC  ( 2.9 MB )

AMPER_1.0_VST3_MAC  ( 2.7 MB )

AMPER_1.0_AU_MAC  ( 2.9 MB )

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