Tarabia Distortion

Tarabia Distortion 3

Tarabia Distortion

size 1.12 MB  / 1.15 MB  / 1.46 MB  / 1.27 MB

Tarabia Distortion is a distortion effect that destroy nicely your sounds.
Kicks becomes DnB Kicks, Snares becomes very consistent SNARES. On audio loops, it produces nice distortions artifacts.
Tarabia Distortion is based on 2 specials algortihms :

  • Tarabia formula (Hard distortion).
  • Yamaha 80’s synth soft distortion formula.

If you have a bass or synth sounds that lacks of body or lack of character… use this plug ins & you will produce a new sound full of harmonics, body & density… If you want to empower the body of your Kicks, Snares or Bass sounds… use it ! You don’t need to push the plug in at 100 % to get nice results.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

TarabiaDistortion_x86  ( 1.12 MB )

TarabiaDistortion_x64 ( 1.15 MB )

TarabiaDistortion.component  ( 1.46 MB )

TarabiaDistortion.vst_  ( 1.27 MB )

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