Grep 2


size 1.05 MB

Grep is an audio destruction unit / fuzz machine
The stereo waveshapers are the basis of the grep. When used as insert effect on a mono-track, only one of them will work. Some settings of the waveshapers may cause a distortion of the stereo-image, this can be adjusted with the balance-knob in the master section.

  • CLATTER section adds clatter to the sound. The slider controls mix & clatter-modulation.
  • SPLATTER section splats the sound, the amount of splattering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • KLONG section rectifies the signal. There’s also a button to splut the klong.
  • SPUTTER section adds sputter to the sound, the amount of sputtering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • F & Q sliders in the FILTER section are frequency (F) & resonance (Q) controls.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

Grep2.2  ( 1.05 MB )

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