FDNCymbal 3


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FDNCymbal is a cymbal sound synthesizer.

It can also be used as an effect. Unlike the name, most of metallic texture comes from Schroeder allpass section rather than FDN (feedback delay network).
FDN section makes nice impact sound when FDN. Time is short. Tremolo is added to simulate wobbling of cymbal.

  • Stick oscillator. Just some impulses and sine waves.
  • FDN section makes stick sounds more plausible.
  • Schroeder allpass section adds metallic texture to the signal.
  • Tremolo can be used to simulate wobbling of cymbal.

Note: Currently Linux build doesn’t display GUI.

YouTube video


 download win 64  download free vst

FDNCymbal_Win ( 0.5 MB )

FDNCymbal_Mac  ( 0.5 MB )

FDNCymbal_Linux ( 0.6 MB )

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