Dylan Jordan – Bassman Preamp


Bassman Preamp

size 2 MB  / 1 MB

Bassman Preamp is a simulation of the Fender Bassman preamp circuit, revision 5F6-A.

Everything is accounted for, from the input up to, but not yet including, the output valves. In addition to the basic controls of the amp, there is also basic speaker modeling and room reverb.

The plugin is in active development, with refinements and features coming down the pipeline. It is fully production-ready, able to be used in any VST3 DAW, and ripe for user-feedback based improvements.


download win 64  download free vst

BassmanPreampWINDOWS  ( 2 MB )

BassmanPreampMAC.vst3  ( 1.7 MB )

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