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DRUMPER 1 is a Groove – beat box with non-standart control.

DRUMPER allows you to create drum beats in a short time, and it’s very easy to use! A user can create two rhythmic patterns which can be mixed together or with preset rhythm patterns. DRUMPER simultaneously plays two drum kits (choice of 4 available). Their sound can be mixed and customized in many ways.

  • MIDI keyboard control.
  • 2 editable and 11 preset patterns.
  • 3 editable and 1 randomize variant for each pattern.
  • Wheel control of many parametrs.
  • Delay, fazer and repeat effects.
  • Accent line.
  • Open hat line.
  • 2 percussion lines.
  • Sd, hh, perc volume.
  • Full envelope.
  • 2 Lf oscilators with deep, speed, shape and sync control.

YouTube video


download win 32 download free vst

drumper1  ( 3.04 MB )

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