Cymatics – Diablo Lite

Cymatics - Diablo Lite

Diablo Lite

size 150 MB  / 162 MB

Diablo Lite is a transient shaper designed to help your drums cut through any mix.

At its core, it consists of a Punch stage (transient shaping) and a Clip stage (soft/hard clipping) routed together in series.

The main purpose of Diablo Lite is to enhance your drums and 808’s so they hit harder and cut through your mix.

For example, we’ve taken some of the softest sounding kick samples and ran them through DIABLO, and even though the .db levels are the same… Those kicks are SMACKING 10x harder and the overall perceived loudness of each sample has exponentially improved.

The Punch stage is a fast-acting transient shaper which boosts the initial attack of your drums, giving them a snappier and more impactful sound. Increasing the Punch amount may cause a significant increase in peak volume if the Clip stage is disabled.

The Clip stage is a switchable hard or soft clipper which prevents incoming signal from exceeding 0 dB. The Clip amount increases the input gain driving the clipper. The hard clipper distorts early and aggressively, while the soft clipper has a “warmer” sound when driven. Cranking the Punch amount will drive the clipper as well, eliminating the loud peaks introduced by the transient shaping and colouring the sound with harmonic distortion. If the output is clipped, the orange indicator above the output level meter will turn on. Clicking this indicator will reset it.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Cymatics_Diablo-Lite_Installer  ( 150 MB )

Cymatics_Diablo-Lite_macOS  ( 162 MB )

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