Togu Audio Line – Vintager 2

Vintager 2

Vintager 2

size 0.5 MB

Vintager 2 is a simple to use monophonic synthesizer with the functional range and sound of classic analog synths.
A good sounding lowpass filter, 3 band-limited oscillators and accurate envelopes are the heart of this synth.
  • 2 oscillators with FM and PW (saw, pulse, triangle, sine, noise).
  • 1 sub oscillator (rectangle, two octaves deeper).
  • Low pass filter with self oscillation.
  • 2 precise non linear envelopes (filter, amplitude).
  • 2 LFOs with five different waveforms to modulate filter, pitch, FM and PW.
  • Portamento (three different modes).
  • MIDI learn for all pots.
  • 20 presets (bass, leads, fx, percussion).
  • All sample rates supported.
  • Low CPU.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

TAL-Vintager2  ( 0.5 MB )

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