Stone Voices – Vocal Pitch Shifter


Vocal Pitch Shifter

size 2 MB  / 2 MB

Vocal Pitch Shifter is designed to change the pitch of a vocal in a range of ± 1 octave (± 12 semitones).

The plugin has a low time latency, which allows it to be used in real time, for example, for live performances.

Both coarse tone control (by an integer number of semitones) and precise (by an integer number of cents) are provided, as well as mixing the processed signal with the original.

Plugins of similar functionality that use FFT transforms, for example, Waves Pitch Shift, have higher latency, making them unusable for real-time work.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

VocalPitchShifter_v1.0_win  (  MB )

VocalPitchShifter_v1.0_mac  (  MB )

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