beatassist – ITS


beatassist – ITS

size 69.4 MB

ITS is a rhythmic / gate synthesizer.
By pressing one key, you can create some cool rhythmic sounds that will push your productions to something different. Use the LFO, Octave Stepper, Gator and Phaser to create your rhythms !
2 oscillators with three modes os usage.
Possibility to generate a waveform from an audio file.
Possibility to draw your waveform.
Noise generator.
Stereo delay.
Reverb with 5 modes.
3 band EQ.
Phaser up to 8 stages.
Powerful LFO.
Octave stepper.

download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

BAEU-ITS  ( 69.4 MB )

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