Analog Obsession – KABIN

Analog Obsession - KABIN


size 13 MB  / 13 MB  / 7 MB

KABIN is a universal guitar cabinet modeler.
You can create different spiker/cabinet models with SIZE and CHARACTER options and shape tone with microphone placement.

SIZE : You can set spiker and cabinet size and response with SIZE knob. Spiker/Cabinet size can be changed battery-powered guitar amp cab to 1×12. While your spiker size goes to smaller, cabinet size will go smaller, too.

CHARACTER : Will set character of spiker and cabinet. Soft to Punch. Soft will give smoother mid response (mostly low mid) and Punch will give fuller mid response. Not only frequency changes. Also, dynamic response.

MICROPHONE : There is a mic (Modeled Tube Mic) in front of cabinet. You can move it left to right. In default, it’s placed center. You can move mic to right to get off-axis placement.

OUTPUT : Will set main output. Inf to +12dB.

KABIN : It’s also bypass button. Red is active, white is bypassed.

YouTube video

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

KABIN_1.0_VST_WIN  ( 13 MB )

KABIN_1.0_VST_MAC  ( 13 MB )

KABIN_1.0_AU_MAC  ( 7 MB )

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