Analog Obsession – JAMP



size 9 MB  / 25 MB

The best M-45 type head amp in a box! Fully emulated circuit with best modeled components. Unique two gain stage, High and Normal. It’s Jazz to Metal, Blues to Indie! No matter which style you play, just put plugin to channel and rock!
No cabinet simulation. You are free to use with your favourite cabinet simulator or IRs.


High Channel – High freq. optimized gain stage and drive section
Normal Channel – Full range optimized gain stage and drive section
EQ Controls – Fully captured from original circuit. High band, Mid band & Low band
Output – Clean output section to set volume

YouTube video

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

JAMP_2.0 WIN  ( 9 MB )

JAMP_2.0 MAC  ( 25 MB )

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