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ATKTransientShaper is a mono transient shaper with all the parameters usually hidden from the user.

  • RMS is the size of the power power windows.
  • Attack is the attack time constant for the slow attack/release filter.
  • Attack fraction (or ratio) is the percentage of the attack time constant that will be used for the fast attack/release filter.
  • Release is the release time constraint for the fast attack/release filter (as the release time has to be higher).
  • Release fraction (or ratio) is the percentage of the release time constant that will be used for the slow attack/release filter (as it has a faster release time constant). Usually set to 100%.
  • Threshold.
  • Slope is the ratio, 1 being the identity, higher than 1 compressing the transient, less than 1 swelling it.
  • Softness is an indicator of the harshness of the knee of the underlying compressor.
  • Color is an indicator of the color around the threshold: positive increases the gain around it, negative decreases it.
  • Quality is the amount of color.
  • Make-up is the gain after the effect.
  • Dry-wet gives the balance between the unprocessed signal and the processed signal.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

ATKTransientShaper ( 0.96 MB )

ATKTransientShaper_x64 ( 1.05 MB )

ATKTransientShaper.component  ( 0.47 MB )

ATKTransientShaper ( 0.95 MB )

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