GuitarML – Chameleon

GuitarML Chameleon


size 6 MB  / 7 MB

Chameleon is a guitar plugin using neural networks to create three distinct sounds from a vintage style amp head.

Chameleon’s core sound comes from a neural net inference engine which allows the plugin to disguise itself as a high end tube amplifier. While SmartAmp and SmartAmpPro are more experimental in nature, Chameleon uses the state-of-the-art RTNeural engine which brings CPU usage down to compete with other commercial plugins.

Note: The three tones, “red”, “gold” and “green”, are stored in the user’s Documents folder. These can be manually swapped out for user trained models if desired. See more info on the GitHub ReadMe.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

GuitarML-Chameleon-Win  ( 6 MB )

GuitarML-Chameleon-Mac  ( 7 MB )

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