3-band Distortion

3 band Distortion 3

3-band Distortion

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3 band distortion.

  • State turns on and off particular distortion band.
  • Tone tunes the frequency of the input filter.
  • Band tunes the bandwidth of the input filter.
  • Color defines the clipper cutoff level i.e. distortion amount.
  • Knee defines the clipper knee size that makes the effect softer.
  • Feedback changes one internal clipper property relative to saturation, feedback and asymmetry.
  • Asymmetry makes the effect asymmetric including time asymmetry during signal period.
  • Level sets output level of particular band.
  • Tone tweak frequency of the output filter.
  • Band bandwidth of the output filter.
  • Speaker turns on speaker simulation.


download win 32 download free vst

7amp-3bdist-1 ( 0.15 MB )

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