Yuri Semenov Vintage Channel Strip v1.04 Win Mac

Vintage Channel Strip

Vintage Channel Strip v1.04 Win Mac

size 114 MB

“YS – Vintage Channel Strip 20th” mixer channel strip plugin contains a basic set of mixing tools. Compressor – Expander – Peak Limiter, Equalizer, Panning and Room Emulator.

Saturation with even harmonics (Saturate) Light “toning-warming” makes the sound softer by removing the 6 kHz harshness (Warm) Panning can be done in the usual way by selecting linear or -3 dB Pan Law or frequency-dependent by lowering the low frequencies with a cutoff filter with the addition of the Haas effect with a short delay of less than 1 ms (approximate distance between the ears) Fader “Distance” lowers the volume and lowers the high frequencies, and also reduces the delay for room emulation (PreDelay) for a more natural feeling of distance of the sound source.

Each device can be downloaded separately. The plugin has stereo and mono versions. Compressor and equalizer also in the two-mono version for individual adjustment of the left and right channel or central and side (Mid-Side).

The two-mono equalizer can work in stereo, two mono and as central and side (Mid-Side) modes. Random – random selection 1-24 to add differences in settings between channels will give a more voluminous sound, the Play button turns on automatic switching of random channel selection, thereby eliminating static and adding liveliness of perception.

The LUFS volume meter will give the opportunity for orientation to stay in the right balance. For ease of comparison, the meter shows the input and output signals. Drive – adds harmonics for color. Noise adds noise – artifacts not statically, but in dynamics. The knob is double and one part adds white noise left-right LR, and the second pink noise Mid-Side. center and side.

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YS-_Vintage_Channel_Strip_20th_v_1.04  ( 114 MB )

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