A1TriggerGate 3


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A1TriggerGate is a Sequenced Gate plugin to chop up any incoming audio signal.
It is a well known effect in electronic music and sometimes also known as Trance Gate effect.
This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo. Each internal sequencer pattern consists of 4 beats / 16 steps (or 12 steps in Triplet mode). Each step length is either a ShortStep, LongStep, StepLink or NoStep and has its own step volume fader. There are 8 independent patterns that can be switched via automation.
The integrated FX (Low-pass Filter, Drive/Distortion and Echo/Delay) are designed for easy usage. There is only a minimal number of parameters to get the desired effect as fast as possible. Of course there is a Global FX Off switch to step through all presets without hearing any of the integrated FX. Professional producers will appreciate that little feature.
In Expert Mode there a 4 pattern command tabs featuring Shift Left/Right, Copy & Paste, Random and Init commands either for the step volume values, the step lenght values or all of them. Especially the Random command on step length values gives interesting results and is a good source for inspiration.

  • 8 patterns, 4 beats.
  • Triplet mode.
  • Additional internal FX (Low-pass Filter, Drive/Distortion, Echo/Delay).
  • All parameters automatable.
  • All parameters fully undo-able (undo / redo).
  • No latency.
  • RESIZABLE GUI (fully vector-based).

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64 rtas vst 2 1download audio unit download free vst

A1TriggerGate-WinVST32-v1.0.0  ( 1.57 MB )

A1TriggerGate-WinVST64-v1.0.0  ( 1.84 MB )

A1TriggerGate-MacAU-v1.0.0 ( 5.75 MB )

A1TriggerGate-MacVST-v1.0.0  ( 5.75 MB )

A1TriggerGate-MacRTAS-v1.0.0  ( 2.38 MB )

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