Yuri Semenov PseudoStereo v1.01 Win Mac


Yuri Semenov PseudoStereo Win Mac

size 69 MB

Audio plugin for spatial processing YS – PseudoStereo plugin allows a mono or stereo source to add a stereo delay at any frequency of the six crossover bands, thereby giving each instrument in the mix its own specific perception of volume that does not interfere with others.

The random inclusion function,the volume of each of the bands within +, – 3 dB will help to quickly change and form a tone that distinguishes similar instruments. You can also randomly switch the delay and volume of the delay, which will help to easily select the desired space of presence for the instruments and manually adjust if you need a slight correction.

The plugin is fully mono-compatible, delays when switching to mono are subtracted in antiphase. To avoid excessive falling out of phase, the expansion on the bands is limited to 90 degrees (the mono signal is equal to the stereo signal in the extreme right position).

If you need to add more width, the general “WIDE” regulator will add the volume of the side channels – Side at the plugin output.

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

YS-PseudoStereo_v_1,01  ( 69 MB )

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