Xhip Effects v6.7

Xhip Effects

Xhip Effects v6.7

size 1.45 MB

– Reverb – A reverb effect designed to avoid an ultra-smooth fade-to-noise decay.
– Compressor – Insert compressor based upon a minimal electronic circuit.
– Gate – Gate effect including many additional features.
– Limiter – Counterpart to the compressor for limiting with the most simple design possible.
– Follower – Xhip synthesizer filter controlled by a HAR envelope follower.
– mDelay – Simple modulated delay effect with tone control and three modes.
– Phaser – Standard phaser effect with a variable number of stages.
– Tremolo – Standard tremolo effect with the bonus of a continuously variable LFO shape.
– Clipper – Generic hard clipper effect which includes oversampling.
– Multiplier – Unique type of non-linear “fold-back” distortion effect.
– Quantizer – Time (sample and hold) and amplitude (bit reduction) axis quantization.
– RC Filter – The most basic analog filter circuit configurable as low-pass or high-pass.
– Rectifier – A simple diode-like effect capable of half or full rectification.
– Ringmod – This is a simple ring-mod effect with a timbre control.
– Vocal – A simple vowel/phoneme synthesizing filter.

The file includes Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

For Mac and Linux version visit developer site.


download win 32 download free vst

Xhip-Effects-v6.7-Windows_3264bit  ( 1.45 MB )

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