TheZhe – TheExpressor

TheExpressor 1


size 0.6 MB  / 33 MB

TheExpressor is a colored upwards downwards expander / compressor.

  • Color. Increase/decrease slightly to soften the knee or boost/cut up to 24 dB for extreme emphasis.
  • Zero Delay and low distortion artifacts thanks to some clever detector anti-aliasing tricks.
  • Bounded. Output is never more than 6 dB louder than the input signal; minimum Makeup gain is -6 dB.

In addition, every TheZhe plugin includes optimized, built-in anti-aliasing and indicates modulation-friendly knobs with solid lines.

– 64-bit Windows/Mac (M1 Apple Silicon supported).
– VST3/AU compatible host.
– Sampling rates: 44.1 to 96kHz.
– System must support SSE3.

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

theexpressor-win  ( 0.6 MB )

theexpressor-mac  ( 33 MB )

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