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Surge is a subtractive hybrid synthesizer.
Each patch contain two scenes which are separate instances of the entire synthesis engine (except effects) that can be used for layering or split patches. Features a quick category-based patch-browser for the 1010 factory sound patches.

  • 3 oscillators/voice.
  • 8 versatile oscillator algorithms: Classic, Sine, Wavetable (183), Window, FM2, FM3, S/H Noise and Audio-input.
  • The classic oscillator is a morphable pulse/saw/dualsaw oscillator with a sub-oscillator and self-sync.
  • The FM2/FM3 oscillators consists of a 1 carrier with 2/3 modulators and various options.
  • Most algorithms (except FM2, FM3, Sine and Audio-input) offer up to 16-voice unison at the oscillator level.
  • Oscillator FM/ringmodulation.
  • Most oscillator algorithms (except FM2/FM3) are strictly band-limited yet still cover the entire audible spectrum, delivering a clear punchy yet clean sound.
  • Noise generator with variable spectrum.
  • Two filter-units with arrangeable in 8 different configurations.
  • Feedback loop (number of variations inside the parenthesis).
  • Available filter-algorithms: LP12 (3), LP24 (3), LP24L (1-4 poles), HP12 (3), HP24 (3), BP (4), Notch (2), Comb (4), S&H.
  • Filters can self-oscillate (with excitation) and respond amazingly fast to cutoff frequency changes.
  • Waveshaper (5 shapes).
  • 12 LFO-units available to each voice (6 are running on each voice and 6 are shared for the scene).
  • DAHDSR envelope generators on every LFO-unit.
  • 7 deformable LFO-waveforms + 1 drawable/stepsequencer waveform.
  • LFO1 allows envelope retriggering when used as stepsequencer.
  • Extremely fast and flexible modulation routing. Almost every continuous parameter can be modulated.
  • 8 effect units arranged as 2 inserts/scene, 2 sends and 2 master effects.
  • 10 top-quality algorithms: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, EQ, Distortion, Conditioner (EQ, stereo-image control & limiter), Rotary speaker, Frequency shifter, Vocoder.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Surge-1.6.0-beta-8-Setup-x86  ( 32.5 MB )

Surge-1.6.0-beta-8-Setup-x64 ( 32.8 MB )

Surge-1.6.0-beta-8-Setup.dmg_  ( 71.5 MB )

Surge-linux-x64-1.6.0-beta-8  ( 24.7 MB )

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