Anamogue AS-20 FX

Anamogue 3

Anamogue AS-20 FX

size 208 MB  /  208 MB  /  216 MB  /  216 MB

Anamogue AS-20 FX is a rompler recorded using a Korg MS-20 synthesizer.
Add warm rich analogue FX to your tracks using this unique Korg MS-20 FX synthesizer. FX include a range of fallers, risers, sweeps and zaps. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav.
All sounds are unprocessed and a direct emulation of the sound you would achieve from the Korg MS-20. Each sample is loaded on to C2 and spans the full keyboard range. By playing FX in different octaves adjust the speed in which the sample is played.

  • 19 Fallers.
  • 8 Risers.
  • 11 Sweeps.
  • 6 Zaps.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Anamogue-AS20FX_Win32  ( 208 MB )

Anamogue-AS20FX_Win64 ( 208 MB )

Anamogue-AS20FX_MacAU ( 216 MB )

Anamogue-AS20FX_MacVST  ( 216 MB )

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