Simple Microtonal Synth

size 8.81 MB  / 8.87 MB  / 8.78 MB

Simple Microtonal Synth is a polyphonic microtonal synthesizer.

It is robust. It is also the easiest way to get into making microtonal music, period.

Simple Microtonal Synth has 32 pre-sets, and 5378 microtonal tuning options (scale files, in MTS format).

Each preset has a different tuning, but you can use the picker to add any of the tunings to any of the presets. You can also make your own synth patches. And, if 5378 tunings isn’t enough, you can add your own tunings.

Install notes for Mac here :


SimpleMicrotonalSynth_Win32  ( 8.81 MB )

SimpleMicrotonalSynth_Win64  ( 8.87 MB )

Simple_Microtonal_Synth_Mac  ( 8.78 MB )

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