SL84 Console EQ 3


size 5.26 MB

SL84 Console EQ is based off of a British “80 series” console  EQ.

The SL84 captures the sound and its Rock n Roll vibe of this vintage piece of hardware. Using IR technology for the design, the SL84 features true frequency response of the original hardware module.  Just adding the SL84 on every track of your session will add a subtle effect on your project.

  • True Frequency response of the hardware unit.
  • EQ and Filter curves modeled from the “80 Series” EQ unit.
  • Hi Q setting for the mid-frequency EQ band.
  • EQ and Filter bypass button.
  • Very CPU Friendly.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

SL84  ( 5.26 MB )

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