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size 0.4 MB  / 0.3 MB

3Sampler is a WAV / SFZ / OGG sampler for those who want to save their resources using only 3 samples.

  • Boxes with a visual audio profile for samples.
  • Easy allocation for notes range and root note.  
  • Graphical visualization for each note played by velocity and time.  
  • Note position view.
  • Attack and Release.
  • On/off button.
  • The possibility of multiplying the semitones interval – unique feature.
  • Pan position setting.  
  • Pan alternate – a unique and very useful service which give you dynamics of stereo to your music.
  • Reverse and loop buttons.
  • Can be used for drums, pluck, keys, leads and pads.
  • Can load sfz files with a maximum of three samples.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

3Sampler  ( 0.4 MB )

3Sampler_x64  ( 0.4 MB )

3Sampler.vst  ( 0.3 MB )

3Sampler.component  ( 0.3 MB )

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