Pling4 3


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Pling4 emulates various plucked strings instruments.
An implementation of the well-known karplus-string model. the top panel models the pick impulse and the middle panel indicates string characteristics. A simple tube distortion model is intended to provide a one-stop solution for artificial guitar amusement. select between 67 tunings / temperaments.

Pling4  improved sustain and high frequency response thanks to hermite interpolation. The timbre is also significantly improved with a more complex pick impulse for brighter, crisper plucked string patches.

Pling4 features 8 voice polyhony. More accurate emulation can be achieved by using one legato instance for each string. Just add your favourite resonance modeler and amp sim effects.

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download win 32 download free vst

pling4  ( 2.16 MB )

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