Panagement FE

Panagement FE

size 10.6 MB

Panagement Free Edition is a whole spatialization powerhouse that lets you control the stereo space from your armchair, with deceptively few knobs to turn.

It is more about practicality than pure realism. If some technique would be more realistic, but has practical drawbacks (like sampled HRTF), then we didn’t include it.

A lot of care has been spent ensuring the utmost transparency: latency was brought down to 3 samples, only gentle filters were used to minimize phase distortion, and by default, the signal is kept untainted.

The Free Edition allows to use :

  • Distance fader brings a track nearer or further.
  • Panner positions that track binaurally from left to right.
  • Phasescope control displays mono compatibility visually.

Panagement FE  Panagement FE  Panagement FE Panagement FE  Panagement FE

Panagement-FE-1.4  ( 10.6 MB )

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