Ovalizer 3


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Ovalizer is a digital glitch emulator using live audio source or WAV files.
It mimics and emulates the digital errors caused by damaged compact discs. In order to generate enigmatic micro loops you no longer need to manually scratch the surface of your favourite CDs. With Ovalizer you load a track and the app will create “virtual scratches” that can then by modified and mangled with various parameters.
Ovalizer offers unique remix capabilities and an innovative work flow: Up to four independent voices can be canonically layered, tuned and deformed and randomly rescoped with just one button click. By re-triggering the engine the granular pieces will be cut automatically from the parent track to be modified and looped for a few milliseconds up to the length of the original source file.

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Ovalizer.vst_ ( 4.06 MB )

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