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OC-D2 is an octaver plug-in that generates a signal one and/or two octaves below the original.
It’s based on the popular Boss OC-2 pedal, but with many more features and customizability far beyond what other octavers offer. It’s unique from the Boss and other pedals, and other octaver plug-ins, in that it offers:

  • Controls to all the typically fixed values for low-pass filters
  • Both on oscillator outputs (changes tone from full square wave to pure sine, or anywhere in between) as well as on the detection circuit (which can fine-tune the accuracy of the octave-divider’s tracking).
  • Option for two modes of operation: additive oscillators or phase-multiplier. The additive mode simply mixes in the octave down signals (via user-adjustable levels and wet/dry balance), whereas the phase-multiplier mode flips the phase of the key signal, following the state of the selected oscillator.
  • In additive mode, dynamics for the oscillators can be controlled either by a noise gate or an envelope follower, both keyed off the input signal. In phase-multiplier mode, the full dynamics of the key signal are retained.
  • A DC-offset switch corrects the input signal to improve tracking on rectified or offset signals.
  • A scope displays both the key signal and the output signal, so the use can see how the plug-in is operating, and help identify what controls need to be adjusted in order to track more accurately or produce the intended sound. Includes a “tuning” control to affect the zoom ratio.
  • “Listen” radio buttons allow the user to tap the audio at any stage to hear what’s happening behind the scenes, and bypass certain sections if desired.
  • Many users of the Boss OC-2 pedal seek to add a hardware modification that disables the output filter and dynamics sections in order to produce a more synth-like tone. This plug-in has the capability to easily reproduce this mod, by adjusting only a few parameters. Included are some presets that run through the capabilities of the plug-in.


download win 32 download free vst

OC-D2 ( 15.1 MB )

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