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Bionic Supa Delay

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Bionic Supa Delay is a vintage tape delay unit with filter, pitch shift and reverb sections.
Tape delay section:

  • High and low frequency roll-off.
  • Tape wow and flutter.
  • Smooth parameter for continuous delay time changes.
  • Freeze function.
  • x2 button, doubles the delay time.
  • Delay time is syncronized with host tempo.
  • Set any delay time between tripplet and doted note timing.
  • Set different delay times in left and right channel.

Stereo section:

  • Balance control pans the effect left and right.
  • Stereo width control.
  • Ping pong delay switch.
  • Delays drifting from the center to the left or to the right.
  • Auto panner.

Filter section:

  • 12 filter types.
  • LFO to modulate cutoff frequency (host synchronized).
  • Flexible routing: before or after the delay.

Pitch shift section:

  • 5 algorithms.
  • Can be used also for chorus effect.
  • Flexible routing: before or after the delay.

Reverb section:

  • 2 reverbs A, B with different characters can be mixed.
  • Flexible routing: before or after the delay.

Each section can be disabled. Using the flexible routing options many different effects chains can be achieved. Examples:

  • Send Reverb into Filter with LFO modulation.
  • Pitch shifter inside the delay feedback loop for continuous shifts with each delay repetition.
  • Signal flow diagram: shows the currently selected routing of the different sections.
  • Pop-up hints help to understand the function of each control on the user interface. These appear when the mouse rests over a control.
  • MIDI learn: Each control can be automated via MIDI controllers.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

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