ML Sound Lab – Amped Stevie T Free

ML Sound Lab - Amped Stevie T Free

Amped Stevie T Free

size 12 MB  / 12 MB  / 26 MB 

Amped Stevie T Free is a guitar custom amp simulation.
It comes with one free amp called “Djent God”. The cabinet section includes four amazing options: ML Mega Djent, ML Mega OS, ML Mars PR-M75 and ML Bgnr Uber.

At launch Amped Stevie T has a Noise Gate, Drive, Delay and Reverb. Amped plugins have a shared pedalboard which means that the amount of pedals will continue to grow.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

ML-Sound-Lab-Amped-Stevie-T-Win32Bit  ( 12 MB )

ML-Sound-Lab-Amped-Stevie-T-Win64Bit  ( 12 MB )

ML-Sound-Lab-Amped-Stevie-T-Mac  ( 26 MB )

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