Analog Obsession – LOADED

Analog Obsession LOADED


size 39 MB  / 40 MB  / 20 MB

LOADED is a custom 500 series channel strip with 5 different units plus main control unit.

Fully custom Solid State design. Easyto use GUI. All processors have their own bypass button. Also, main control section has main bypass button to bypass allunits at the same time.
  • Preamp.
  • De-esser.
  • Noise-gate.
  • EQ section.
  • Compressor.

YouTube video

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

LOADED_1.0_VST_WIN  ( 39 MB )

LOADED_1.0_VST_MAC  ( 40 MB )

LOADED_1.0_AU_MAC  ( 20 MB )

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