massTURBOtar 3


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Morfiki’s massTURBOtar is a hybrid synthesizer with unique morphing capabilities.
Every parameter (excluding delay amount and velocity smoothing) can be controlled via MORFIKI preset system.

  • Two morphable oscillators
  • Lowpass/Bandpass/Hipass (band type and width controlled via 12dB/octave lowpass and hipass filter)
  • A/R amplifier envelope
  • Modulation : sine/pulse lfo and A/DR envelope both with morphable destination
  • Voice control: polyphonic/ legato
  • Effects: chorus, sample rate reduction, soft saturation, delay
  • Parameters are controlled by MORFIKI preset system, velocity to bank modulation with adjustable smoothing included
  • Dropdown menus with fixed values for oscillator scale transposition and tempo
  • Host synchronization for lfo speed

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

massTURBOtar ( 4.28 MB )

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