Lethality 3


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Lethality is an electric guitar featuring many playing options.
The Lethality VST contains all important articulations and effects to cover the span of alternative and rock genres, and some of them are triggered by standard MIDI note input and mod-wheel. These articulations and effects include:

  • Open / muted power chords with or without Major and minor third.
  • Open / muted octave chords.
  • Open / muted refused chords.
  • Open / muted single notes.
  • Down / up or alternating strumming of chords.
  • Bending of single notes and chords with automation.
  • Pinch harmonic squeals (reachable in algorithm mode from note E5).
  • Gain / distortion / fuzz control.
  • Palm mute algorithm with automation.
  • Hammer on / pull off.
  • Portamento / neck slide control with automation.
  • Strumming control with automation.
  • Unlimited velocity curve.
  • Full chokes (all strings mute with G0 and Ab0).
  • Patterns.

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lethality_vsti_x86_v112_r ( 59.1 MB )

lethality_vsti_x64_v112_r  ( 59.1 MB )

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