Hotsteppet v.1.003



size 2.19 MB

Hotstepper is a 12-channel drum sequencer for Windows that’s packed with a lot of nice features.


  • Adjustable velocitiy and pitch for every event
  • Up to 12 different sounds can be used simultaneous
  • Adjustable velocity, delay, panorama position and pitch for every sound
  • Adjustable pattern size and resolution (triple, quarter)
  • Import wav files (10 second max, 44.1kHz, 16-bit, mono only) into the sound libary and select start and end sample points
  • Export drum patterns as Windows PCM (*.wav) files
  • Delay control so you can define the amount of the delay and adjust feedback
  • Shuffle control for adjusting the type of shuffle and its intensity
  • Organize patterns into a song (only one pattern may play at once)
  • Wave Stretching allows you to define sounds that will be stretched automatically to the length of the beat
  • Sounds can cut-off other sounds when started (ie. Closed HiHat stops Open HiHat)

YouTube video

download win 32

hotstepper ( 2.19 MB )

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