TED Synth 2


size 3.06 MB  / 2.43 MB

TED-Synth is an innovative synthesizer based on synchronised modulation.
Comes in 2 versions.
  • Synth has an Information button in the center of the VST that shows Control Labels.Synth is Dual Osc each with their own PhaseModulator Osc (4 total) (Stereo).
  • Basic is a Single Osc with a its own PhaseModulator Osc (2 total) (Mono).
  • Tooltips appear if you hover over a Control.
  • There is Vibrato set on ModWheel.
  • Envelopes, Portamento and LFO’s are given in Musical Measure.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

TED-Synth  ( 3.06 MB )

TED-Synth_x64  ( 2.43 MB )

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