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Epoch Amp

size 13 MB  / 35 MB

Epoch Amp is a guitar amp designed to bring realism and versatility to your digital studio.

Containing four amp models ranging from clean to edge of breakup, crunchy to high gain, you will constantly be discovering new sounds to add to your sonic arsenal.

The full range of the gain knob has been meticulously captured for each of the four amp modes. The plugin also features a mix control for mixing in your input signal with the dirty signal. It has built in Impulse Responses hand picked for each amp mode, which you can turn of to use your own.

Epoch Amp is intended to be used as the foundation of your guitar signal chain.

Formats : VST3 / AU / AAX / LV2.

YouTube video

download win 64 AAX download audio unit download free vst

EpochAmp-Win  ( 13 MB )

Install-EpochAmp-v1.0-Mac  ( 35 MB )

EpochAmp-Linux-x64-1.0  ( 12 MB )

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