geektronic 3


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Geektronik is a stereo bit-crusher / decimator effect.
Simple, efficient. A large sound palette can be applied.

  • SPEED: rate (BPM / HZ).
  • RS: syncronize / re-start the waveform.
  • DEPTH: modulation amount to CRUSH/SR.


  • SR: Sample Rate (Hz). Any frequencies between 1 Hz to 20Khz.
  • A/D: A/D converter mode : steps or vector.
  • BITS: Reshape the audio stream (2 to 24 Bits).


  • SMOOTH: Smooth an re-shape the front side.
  • MODE: Post shaping mode. Smooth BOTH / UP / DOWN.
  • EQ: Positive / Boost. Negative / Attenuate.


  • D/W: 100% full effect. 0% by-pass the effect.
  • GAIN: -6dB to +12dB.

download win 32 download free vst

geektronic  ( 1.56 MB )

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