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SUBLIMINAL can be used for creating rich and vibrant bass sounds.
It’s drawable envelopes for the amp’s and LFO’s give it great sound shaping ability. The ability to add a wetness to the bass gives it an intriguing feel.

  • 2 oscillators with 10 selectable waveforms per oscillator
  • 1 detuner for both oscillators with selectable octave and semi tones and a fine tune knob
  • 1 lowpass filter per oscillator with freq, resonance, and dry/wet knobs
  • 1 LFO per oscillator with speed and depth knobs
  • 1 draw envelope for the amp per oscillator
  • 1 draw envelope for the LFO per oscillator
  • 1 wetness feature per oscillator with wet, intensity, and rate knobs
  • 1 low knob for turning up the low end per oscillator
  • 1 low freq knob for setting the frequency of the low end per oscillator

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

SUBLIMINAL_1_0  ( 6.47 MB )

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