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gbSoundlab - Tape Bus

Tape Bus

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Tape Bus is an analog saturation / compression emulation of a magnetic tape recorder.

It recreates the behavior of the hardware circuitry when it is subjected to work in the non-linear or saturation zone.

On the one hand, an analog bus emulation, and on the other, the typical treble compression in the recording of magnetic tape.

In recording with tape recorders, a high-frequency compensating circuit is included in the recording step that amplifies them (pre-emphasis), to subsequently attenuate them in the reproduction (de-emphasis). For this reason when we force the circuitry with greater sound signal pitch, it creates a compression of the high frequencies from 2250 Hz, creating the typical sound stuck and crushed, producing a greater sustain and a better insertion in the mix.

Its adjustment is always done with an incoming signal close to (0 db), easy to get on any bus or group, such as; the group of percussion, of synths, or in the channel of any instrument. The voices treated with the Tape bus do not need practically compression, thus obtaining a response with much greater dynamics. We will adjust the fader, with a signal input between (-4 and 0 db) until we hear the filling effect.

The design of the fader is AUTOGAIN and therefore, its movement only generates the effect, keeping the volume constant. We will operate the Emphasis switch adjusting the amount of compression in high frequencies (its use is not always necessary), but a slight touch on voices or acoustic guitars will leave us with silky treble.

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Tape-Bus  ( 4 MB )

Tape-Bus_Mac  ( 8 MB )

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