Frohmage 2


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Frohmage is a powerful filter that you will be likely to use very frequently in your tracks.
Far from being cheesy, as its unique interface suggests at first sight, Frohmage delivers warmth, dirt and much more at a professional audio quality. This multi-band resonant filter has fine controls over its low-pass and bandpasses for up to 15 additional bands, as well as built-in distortion with two routing schemes and delay stages on each band for unique phasing-like effects.
Whether you want to emphasize or attenuate some frequencies or else brighten, colourize or dirty any source lacking character, Frohmage will assist you in many circumstances. Despite its deceptively simple interface, the possibilities are tremendous and you will have a lot of fun working with it.

YouTube video

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Frohmage-152 ( 0.90 MB )

Frohmage-160_x64  ( 2.64 MB )

Frohmage-161-macosx64-au-free ( 5.48 MB )

Frohmage-160-macosx64-vst-free  ( 5.37 MB )

Frohmage-151-macosx-rtas-free ( 4.59 MB )

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