Eplex7 DSP – Analog


Eplex7 DSP – Analog

size 6 MB

Analog is a warm filter / distortion.

Can be used for light analog coloration, to add color and warmth to your tracks, but also for heavy distortions and signal destruction. Perfect usage with synths, drums, guitars, in mix etc. Includes 2x over-sampled analog modeled liquid filter and analog type distortion.

  • Analog type distortion, from light warmth and saturation to heavy distortion 2x over-sampled for smoother sound and reduction of digital aliasing!
  • Analog modeled liquid filter and analog type distortion.
  • SSE / SSE2 processing for reduced CPU consumption without any loss of sound quality (both l+r channels are processed at the same time as one processor instruction while it consumes CPU only as one channel).
  • Input knob 0-3X.
  • Output knob 0-2X.
  • Bypass knob.
  • Preset manager with 9 example presets.

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

Eplex7_Analog_filter_distortion  ( 6 MB )

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