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Synlay 3


size 4 MB

Synlay is a delay-based synthesizer capable of producing very diverse, original timbres and of high quality, from blown to orchestral sounds, from basses to plucked strings, from violins to brasses and synthetic sounds

  • 3 parallel, independent Tuned-Delay modules with feedback damping; 16 notes polyphony.
  • Autoscale-feedbacks-with-pitch option, for all notes to have the same release time.
  • Stereo noise source and true stereo processing, for naturally wide stereo sounds (no need to use ambience effects).
  • 100% click-free (no annoying tiny sawtooth-like pulses, unlike similar synthesizers) thanks to a special custom delay module coded by the author.
  • Special resonant multimode filter (up to 8 stages) for the noise source, with VEL/AT/KS/KF control.
  • Additional post-delays amplitude envelope.
  • Option to apply Pitch Bend to the upper note only.
  • Extensive Velocity and Aftertouch support.
  • Advanced polyphonic Glide support.

Note : this is a donationware using a nagscreen.


download win 64 download free vst

SynlayVst2x64 ( 4 MB )

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