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Behemoth 2 is a classic analog style synthesizer that simulates the the sound of the legendary E-bass guitars alongside with true fat analog synths from the past and the present, and much more.
Behemoth’s primal value is giving the musician a simple and understandable tool to create an impressive, powerful and punchy analog bass that can easily find his place in the mix with minimum tweaks.
Behemoth is driven by 3 oscillators sound engine. Each oscillator armed with 2 banks of 8 high resolution wavetables in each. Bank 1 is the main when bank 2 is functioning as morph target, so you can morph from the selected wavetable on bank 1 to the selected wavetable on bank 2. Each oscillator has it’s own synthesis section as well with an octave controller, fine tuning feature, oscillator’s envelope, oscillator’s filter, oscillator’s filter evelope and 5 modes filter LFO.
Behemoth has 4 built in effects that can host each of the oscillators separately. on the left side of each effect, you will find 3 knobs which represent an oscillator. By pressing them you send the selected oscillator to the effect. In this section you will find a decent bass tube effect, phaser, chorus and delay.
Behemoth’s midi section will allow you to switch between mono and poly modes. In mono mode, you will be able to choose your desired technic and use the portamento effect. Beside that, every significant knob has the ability to “learn” or “forget”.
Each Behemoth’s preset bank contains 24 presets. you may save your edited preset “on place” by clicking “save preset” or save it to a file using the menu. you also may save complete banks in to files using Behemoth’s self format or any other daw format.

  • 3 oscillators sound engine with morphing ability.
  • a pair of 8 wavetables banks in each oscillator.
  • a detailed synthesis section.
  • 4 built-in effects with a separate connectivity to each oscillator.
  • advanced mono mode.

download win 32 download free vst

Behemoth2  ( 3.42 MB )

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