Armchair Guitarist

Armchair Guitarist

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Armchair Guitarist is a VST plugin for providing MIDI input from console guitar controllerscurrently on the market.

It is a pure-MIDI plugin- MIDI messages, not audio data are sent to the host- in essence, the plugin allows the user to use a guitar controller the way they would a standard MIDI keyboard.

Unlike more general use VST game controller plugins, Armchair Guitarist is strongly oriented around guitar playing. Rather than emulating a linear keyboard, the plugin emulates a Finger Board, with a floating cursor representing the position of the five note buttons on the guitar controller- and therefore the user’s hand- on the neck of a virtual guitar. When combined with one of the numerous guitar sampler plugins on the market it provides a more natural “feel” when playing guitar than when using a MIDI keyboard.

Armchair Guitarist  Armchair Guitarist

ArmchairGuitarist1.5.0.0  ( 1.39 MB )

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