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FetSnap is the most interesting transient enhancer. We already love famous Fet compressor, right? And FetSnap is based on this famous compressor! In digital world, we can fully modify any circuit according to our requirements. So, just played with Fet compressor’s circuit and made it transient enhancer. Think like reverse-compressor or expander but fixed attack/release and tons of harmonics!
FetSnap will enhance attack of your source and make it jump!
It’s really colorful and snappy enhancer for your drums and any percussive instruments.
It’s also very useful for your any other tracks!
Need punchy bass guitar? Or “in your face” slaps? Use FetSnap!
Need aggressive vocals with enhanced transient? Use FetSnap!
Need funky and twangy guitars? Enhance your pick sound with FetSnap!
And many more options up to you!
Let me explain FetSnap controls. Really easy…
Two main controls for your transients. TONE and SNAP.
Snap is the most important control of this plugin. Simply, you can dial it up and enhance your attack. That simple!
Tone control will shape your transient’s tone. It’s kind of tilt equalizer.
Mix will blend your shaped transients with original source.
FET symbol is simple bypass button.
If you want to enhance your low end, simply set your Tone control to Dark side. Need high end transient? Set your Tone control to Bright side.
When you decide your tone of transients, now, time to dial up your Snap control. Set your Snap control according to your taste and rise up source’s attack!
If you happy with result, now, time to blend your enhanced attack with original source.

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

FetSnap_1.0_VST_WIN  ( 11 MB )

FetSnap_1.0_VST_MAC  ( 11 MB )

FetSnap_1.0_AU_MAC  ( 6 MB )

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