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Dynasaur is a dynamic equalizer with RMS & PEAK mode.
Dynasaur is the best helper to tame your annoying frequencies. Dynamically ride your EQ or shape your sound with pure static EQ. Use it as de-esser, multi-band compressor or peak rider!
Don’t miss unique feature! All bands have RMS or PEAK mode to get best result! For example, low-end has more energy and less peaks/dynamics but high-end or mids have less energy and more peaks/dynamics. While taming your lows, use RMS mode for better control. And you can use PEAK mode with mids or highs to catch peaks! It’s totally up to your material. You sound, your choice!

  • 5 band dynamic equalizer with 2 shelves and 3 peaks.
  • Adjustable Attack (1ms to 50ms) & Release times (30ms to 3sec).
  • Adjustable Ratio (1:2 to 1:20).
  • 60 dB Threshold range.
  • Static boost/gain recover +/- 24dB.
  • Low Shelf : 20Hz to 1kHz.
  • Low Mid : 400Hz to 3kHz.
  • Mid : 1kHz to 8kHz.
  • High Mid : 3kHz to 15kHz.
  • High Shelf : 8kHz to 20kHz.
  • Bandwidth (Mids) : 5 Oct to 0.4 Oct.
  • Bandwidth (Low & High) : 5 Oct to 0.4 Oct (Instead regular bandwidth control, it will set energy for low-end and high end).
  • Gain : +/- 24dB (As static eq or gain recover).
  • Mode : RMS & PEAK (RMS will detect your frequencies’ RMS level and set your gain reduction according to RMS. PEAK detects peak levels to set your gain reduction).
  • Readout for better parameter tracking.

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