ViatorDSP – Rift Clipper


Rift Clipper

size 1 MB  / 3 MB

Rift Clipper is a band splitter distortion.

It allows you to split a signal into individual high and low bands and distort only the high band. It basically turns a “splitting the bass into its high and low material” workflow into a single operation with this plugin. No need to use filters and aux sends to accomplish this task when using Rift Clipper!

  • Input gain.
  • Drive with 12 dB of clipping gain on the high band.
  • Cross-over knob that splits the signal at the desired frequency.
  • Mix knob to blend the wet and dry signal.
  • Output trim gain.
  • AU / VST3.

YouTube video

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

rift-clipper  ( 1 MB )

Rift-Clipper-Mac-Installer  ( 3 MB )

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