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VeeMax is a Maximizer plugin with ‘Inter Sample Peak’ processing.
It will do maximizing process by not only digital value peaks, but also hiding peaks of inter samples.

  • Gain: the gain from input signals. the default value, 0dB means no maximization.
  • Release: Release time of the gain reduction. the output amplitude may be undulated if the Release time is too long. conversely, the output may be distort if the Release time is too short.
  • OutCeiling: the maximum output signal peak amplitude. settled to 0dB in default.
  • ISP Detection: the ISP is a abbreviation of the ‘Inter Sample Peak’. that is not only the digital value peaks but a hiding peaks of inter samples. it will be appeared after the D/A convert or digital resampling. VeeMax will do the maximizing process by this ISP value if turn this switch on. the default is on.
  • Stereo Link: If this switch is turn on, the Maximizing process will be done in same ratio for L and R signals. By this, the pan information will be kept. If  this switch is off, that may distort the pan information but a little more maximization will be done. the default is On.

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