Uhhyou – MembraneSynth



size 2.6 MB

MembraneSynth is a synthesizer that resembles sound of percussions with membrane, like bass drum or tom tom.

The texture comes from self-modulating feedback delay network (FDN). Some strange noise can also be made by utilizing oscillation caused by self-modulation.

  • Monophonic.
  • Simple exponential decay for exciation.
  • 16 * 16 FDN with self-modulation. It may oscillates with certain configuration.
  • Modulation envelope to reduce the chance of oscillation.

MacOS build is experimental. Linux build only works on Ubuntu 20.04. Build instruction is available for other distributions.

YouTube video


download win 64  download free vst

MembraneSynth  ( 2.6 MB )

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